This month I spent my charity day at The Harington Scheme (college for young adults with learning difficulties).

The day kicked off with a morning gardening session. Learners showed me around the plots, and we identified all the different crops. Due to the very hot whether is was important we watered everything. So, this is exactly what we did.

Staff and students had put a lot of hard work into these gardens. They were phenomenal. Red cabbages, leeks, courgettes, cauliflowers, tomatoes and beautiful flowers lined the beds.

All produce grown in the Harington scheme garden’s is sold on a market stall in Highgate. The money earned is then used to buy more seeds. Some of the learners work on the stall gaining valuable work experience.

After our gardening session, it was time for some colouring in. We sat down inside to cool down.

For lunch we walked to Tesco and learners bought food.

We ate together in the mess room listening to music (as after all it was a Friday!)

The afternoon lesson was to be a nature walk. We strolled around the grounds looking for butterflies (that we had been colouring in earlier).

The last session of the day was diaries. For this we used Makaton (sign language) and ipad voice speakers. A large percentage of the learners are non-verbal but can still communicate well with the use of aids. Each pupil stood up in turn and summarised their day.

I really enjoyed my day volunteering at the Harington scheme it is a wonderful place with amazing people!

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