Case Study: John Dennis Coachbuilders

Since 1985, John Dennis Coachbuilders has designed and built bodies and cabs that are renowned for their flexibility and quality. It leads the field in innovative design, from new equipment through to safety features and the latest dynamic shelving for easy access to equipment. Awarded the international quality standard BS EN ISO 9001 in 1994, it remains one of the few bodybuilders to the UK Fire Service to hold the award.

"The company further integrated environmental best practice measures within its business operations."

Client Objectives

Client objectives John Dennis Coachbuilders decided to enlist the help of Green Element as it had a number of environmental objectives it wanted to achieve.

It needed to manage its existing environmental management system (EMS) as well as achieving continued ISO 14001 certification.

Fulfilling tender submission requirements and an expanding potential client base was another key reason to embark on this project alongside the need to be compliant with all environmental legislation.

In addtion, John Dennis Coachbuilders also wanted to identify potential efficiency measures and savings.

Business Challenges

In order to achieve its objectives, John Dennis Coachbuilders had a number of challenges to take into consideration throughout the whole process.

Firstly, it needed to improve the efficiency of its existing EMS whilst at the same time, ensuring a seamless integration with an ISO 9001 quality management system.

Added to this, it wanted to identify further efficiency improvements within a niche business environment that it operated.

With an array of challenges to consider, it was necessary to balance projects, legislation and ISO 14001 requirements with business priorities and the time constraints that the client faced.

Industry: Automotive

Location: Surrey


"The project also identified annual energy and waste savings of £29,200, and improved staff awareness surrounding environmental issues, encouraging everyone to feel part of the process."

Green Element's Approach

After conducting an initial review of the environmental management system and identifying areas of improvement, Green Element developed awareness strategies and held regular meetings to address the key environmental issues being faced.

Green Element then identified and managed each environmental project and initiative, ensuring they progressed within the required time frame.

At the same time, it also had to establish key performance indicators and data sources, before setting to work to formulate the appropriate targets and objectives.

These would provide the necessary framework for John Dennis Coachbuilders to achieve its environmental goals and ambitions.

Green Element also helped the client to achieve its continued certification of the Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001 and carried out detailed legislation audits, tailored to its business operations.

Client Benefits

As a result, John Dennis Coachbuilders achieved further integration of environmental best practice measures within its business operations.

A detailed analysis and cost benefit proposals for large scale projects including solar panel installation and wood burner heaters was also developed. This provided more environmentally friendly energy options for the company.

The project also identified annual energy and waste savings of £29,200, and improved staff awareness surrounding environmental issues, encouraging everyone to feel part of the process.

With the opportunity for more clients, fulfillment of environmental requirements for tender submissions was another great achievement. 

John Dennis Coachbuilders also became compliant with all legal and standard requirements, in addition to its continued ISO 14001 certification.

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