Case Study: FCB Inferno

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As a leading agency, FCB Inferno was keen to comply with environmental legislation. Core to its ethos, the FCB Inferno team sees itself as a force for good, with the intention to leave the world in a better place.

The values that hold true to the agency underpin the core reasoning for wanting to achieve environmental accreditation.

These included improving environmental performance and enhancing financial performance and corporate branding.

Their environmental aspirations would help to position the agency as a forward thinker in its field as well as a business that cares about the impact it has on the world around it.

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There were several challenges that lay ahead of the team. They needed to tackle multi-layered internal and external operational systems. This was critical to ensure they would comply with environmental requirements.

But most importantly, buy-in would need to be gained from each layer of the corporate structure. This was critical in order for the project to succeed.

The team would also need to communicate the environmental agenda led by FCB Inferno’s parent company. This would have to be conveyed across the individual agency – and beyond – to ensure everyone clearly understood its raison d’être. It was vital that everyone understood the importance of the project.

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Industry: Advertising Agency

Location: London

Employees: 200

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Firstly, Green Element needed to establish staff communication channels and engagement through face-to-face meetings. This helped everyone to understand why the project was being undertaken, why it was so important and the benefits to be gained from it.

Green Element also conducted an initial environmental impact survey and calculated FCB Inferno’s carbon footprint. It surveyed all internal and external personnel responsible for each of the key environmental indicators. These included electricity, gas, water, procurement and waste.

Installing the internationally certified ISO 14001 Environmental Management System was another critical step in the process.

Green Element advised on initial operational and environmental targets and helped to facilitate communication channels not only across the agency but with contractors too, making sure everyone was aligned with the project and the purpose it set out to achieve.

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Between 5% to 20% in savings were identified across key environmental indicators, amounting to £65,000 per annum.

In keeping with the FCB Inferno ethos, proactive compliance with legal and advisory environmental reporting requirements were met.

The whole process improved the understanding of the agency’s utilities and materials management across internal departments and external service providers. In addition, the project also identified discrepancies with parent company policy to be addressed.

Today, the underlying principles of environmental assessment and target-setting have been thoroughly embedded within the company.

FCB Inferno’s environmental credentials are now in line with client tendering requirements opening up more opportunity for new business partnerships.

The new environmental credentials have also enhanced the company’s corporate image, making it attractive to staff and potential recruits alike.

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