Blossom & Browne's Sycamore was established in 1888 and is still run by the Browne family. It offers personal and household services to both businesses and individuals, including laundry and dry-cleaning. Highly trained and dedicated staff use the latest cleaning technologies, backed up with traditional hand-finishing where required to deliver a highly personalised and professional solution.


"Energy costs were reduced through the CCA permitting a Climate Change Levy discount of 90% (£6,000 pa)."


Client Objectives

A two-phased project was undertaken to reduce energy use and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions for Blossom and Browne. The first step was to re-commission the Royal Warrant of Appointment, reduce energy costs, comply with environmental legislation and improve environmental performance and reporting.

Phase two would focus on attaining fully-audited environmental accreditation to comply with strict environmental and sustainability performance reporting standards for the Royal Warrant of Appointment. It also looked to renew its Climate Change Agreement (CCA) with the Environment Agency and to consolidate and enhance improvements in environmental and operational efficiency.

Business Challenges

The first challenge was to obtain historical production, process and energy use data from suppliers and customer offices. The next step would ascertain whether strict criteria for Climate Change Levy discounts were applicable. Working to tight deadlines for submissions, the environmental standards had to be achieved within the constraints of time, resources, and information too.

The turnover of work which was time-limited, causing irregular peaks and troughs in resource demand, had to be accounted for during the second phase. Savings had to be achieved with minimal initial outlay too. Features of the company’s primary building would also limit the scope for heating and cooling energy savings.

"The client renewed its Climate Change Agreement with the Environment Agency with a 16.55% reduction on base year in energy consumption. It's on track to achieve the reduction target of 16.67% by the end of 2016."

Green Element's Approach

The first task was to conduct an assessment to establish Climate Change Agreement eligibility. Green Element worked with the client to gather data and produce calculations; it then negotiated the application directly with the Environment Agency.

As work got underway, Green Element created bespoke management-approved environmental, sustainability and corporate responsibility policies for best practice compliance with environmental legislation. The key environmental performance indicators and carbon footprint were calculated and it set energy reduction targets. An online application for Royal Warrant of Appointment was also submitted.

For the second phase, Green Element managed the external audit for full accreditation to the internationally certified ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. It installed the correct Legal Register and ensured full compliance. A waste audit was conducted and checks were made for remediation of non-compliance issues. Induction packs were also created for new employees.

Client Benefits

Energy costs were reduced through the Climate Change Agreement permitting a Climate Change Levy discount of 90% (£6,000 pa). It achieved best practice compliance with environmental legislation, alongside legal, tendering and advisory environmental reporting. A baseline environmental profile was set, creating a springboard from which to achieve energy reduction targets and Climate Change Agreement mandatory reporting.

The client achieved IS0 14001 environmental certification. It renewed its Climate Change Agreement with the Environment Agency with a 16.55% reduction on base year in energy consumption. It’s on track to achieve the reduction target of 16.67% by the end of 2016.

Greenhouse gas emissions for 2015 were 490kg CO2e per tonne of cleaned items, a 8% drop from 2014 (524kg) in turn a 11% drop compared with 586kg CO2e in 2012. 100% compliance in recent waste audit (2015) was also achieved.

Blossom & Browne’s Sycamore was successfully re-accredited with the Royal Warrant of Appointment for services to the Crown.

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