Arena Group provides integrated events solutions, designing and delivering complete temporary environments for the most prestigious sporting and cultural occasions in the global calendar.

"Arena Group achieved annual cost savings of more than £25,000, alongside gaining the ISO 14001 and ISO 20121 certifications."

Client Objectives

Being ethical and green is central to Arena Group’s core ethos. Its aim was to install a group-wide environmental and event sustainability standard and achieve environmental and event sustainability accreditation.

Not only would this allow the company to comply with environmental legislation it would also allow it to fulfil environmental and event sustainability pre-requisites for tender submissions and event requirements.

At the same time, it would identify potential for efficiency measures and savings and also enable Arena Group to enhance its reputation for corporate sustainability.

Business Challenges

The company’s first challenge was to gain managerial and employee buy-in throughout the group – and associated sub-contractors. Arena Group also had to balance strict timeframes, sub-contractors and event deliverables while maintaining high environmental and sustainability standards.

In addition, it would also have to ensure environmental and sustainability consistency across each division of the group. This would require a careful balancing act to monitor that standards were being adhered to by every part of the organisation.

At the same time, it would require that any environmental and sustainable opportunities identified were compatible with the business model.

Industry: Events


Location: St Ives


Employees: 160

"Arena Group is able to easily fulfil its environmental requirements for tender submissions and its sustainability profile has been raised due to articles published about its environmental initiatives."

Green Element's Approach

An environmental review of significant impacts and pertinent legislative requirements was conducted first of all. This would set the stage for everything that followed.

The next step in the process was to identify data pathways, key performance indicators and bespoke targets and objectives for each division within the group.

Green Element then set to work to establish key employees, relevant stakeholders and communicate appropriate actions and controls. This was an incredibly important part of the project to ensure the right people were involved from the start.

It then worked with Arena Group to formulate workable strategies to balance stakeholder interests, such as client deadlines, with environmental initiatives.

The final step was to embed the internationally certified ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management System and calculate the client’s carbon footprint.

Client Benefits

Arena Group achieved fantastic results with annual cost savings of more than £25,000, alongside gaining the ISO 14001 and ISO 20121 certifications.

The document management software company also drastically reduced its net environmental impact of global events through donations to local communities and charities.

Not only is the company able to fulfill its environmental requirements for tender submissions with ease, its sustainability profile has been raised due to articles published about its environmental initiatives. This has helped to further increase Arena Group’s reputation as an ethical and environmentally-led document management organisation.

In addition, it identified operational information gaps and inconsistencies across the group, which enabled it to ensure that all areas of the business were consistent with requirements.

The company is now compliant with all legal and industry standard requirements. This includes best practice safeguards, positioning it for future environmental improvements in the years to come.

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