Business Development/Marketing Executive


Green Element is a growing environmental management consultancy and is looking for a person that holds environmental issues close to their heart. We are looking for someone to help us grow from the solid foundations that we have into a larger business, helping more companies tackle climate change and reduce their environmental impact.

Green Element are looking to recruit a dynamic, versatile and positive individual who believes in companies helping other companies and organisations to reduce their environmental impact. We at Green Element feel very strongly that a moral and ethical company that practices what it preaches will really make a difference in a positive way.

The role is based in London, with potential travel around the UK. We are very London centric at the moment but would be happy to expand if we could. Whilst working on leads the work is completed from home. You could be supplied with a telephone and we meet up fairly regularly. This would be fairly useful as you would get to know the team and who we all are. I strongly suggest that you work with us all and start to understand our USP.

Job purpose:

We are looking for someone to promote and enforce our brand and values. The role involves developing and reviewing website content, case studies, video testimonials and blog articles – which have a large following from our peers and professionals. Our CEO has been on a number of podcasts and interviewed by a number of journalists over the past few years and has amassed a substantial following. With a true understanding of who we are, we expect you to go out to the market and find new clients for Green Element.

We use a comprehensive CRM package called Insightly. We would need you to work with this software.

In the past, we have used LinkedIn marketers, email lists and our own in-house marketing techniques. You will have access to all previous information including markets and industries that have not worked in order for you to understand what we have done in the past. We are not wanting to spend lots of money on new gadgets, software and marketing techniques, we need you to have had a proven track record and know that you are able to complete this marketing with what we have already accomplished. We have access to the following that may help digitally:

In short, we need you/someone that will embrace the ethos of Green Element and bring new work through our doors.

If you are interested in the role; we ask you to write a short letter outlining what you initially think you could do to help. We are not asking you to give your game away but we would like to understand what sort of game you play! The role can be part time in house or external consultant.

The financial remuneration; We are open to offers, sell yourself and we can talk!

Do you know of anyone who would be interested in working for a truly environmental management consultancy, who believe in putting the client and environment first? If this sounds like you or someone you know that can be based in the London area please e-mail us your CV with a covering letter of why you want to work at this kind of consultancy to Green Element Recruitment. Please put reference “GEJOB009a” in the subject line. Please state where you heard about the job.



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