ESOS Update – February 2015

ESOS Update – February 2015

In February 2015, The Environment Agency (EA) updated the online guidance to compliance with the new piece of environmental legislation known as ESOS.

An up-to-date summary of the ESOS programme is given below:

  • ESOS is a compulsory programme of regular energy audits for ‘large enterprises’ that must be undertaken by 05 December 2015 under the UK Government’s compliance with the EU Energy Efficiency Directive 2012
  • Those required to participate will be all enterprises with either

at least 250 employees,


annual turnover of at least €50 million (£38,937,777 million) and annual balance sheet total of at least €43 million (£33,486,489 million)

You must choose one or more of these routes to compliance that cover all your areas of significant energy consumption:

• ISO 50001 certification

• Display Energy Certificates (DECs) for all of the qualifying buildings and accompanying advisory reports

• Green Deal Assessments (GDAs) incorporating at least 90% of the organisation’s energy use

• ESOS-compliant energy audits.

If you choose to comply with ESOS using an existing certification or assessment, (ISO 50001, DEC or GDA) it must have been issued during the first compliance period.

If you choose to comply with ESOS via an ESOS-compliant energy audit, you must

  • Gather the necessary data – organisational energy intensity ratio (e.g. kWh/employee FTE) and the variation in energy use over time within key buildings and operations
  • Undertake the assessment,
  • Achieve a successful audit by an ESOS assessor, and
  • maintain records of how your areas of significant energy consumption are covered by your compliance routes in an ‘evidence pack’

For Green Element Clients

  • those clients with current Display Energy Certificates in each building are ESOS-compliant
  • our ISO 14001 clients without Display Energy Certificates can have William Richardson (certified as an ESOS auditor on this list of approved registers of lead assessors) conduct their ESOS-compliant audit
  • all of our clients already report energy intensity ratios

Green Element Clients ONLY need to

  • Have Green Element as a lead assessor to conduct an audit and sign off the assessment for those buildings without a Display Energy Certificate
  • Keep an evidence pack
  • Notify the EA of their route(s) to compliance

Alternatively, our clients may choose to achieve ISO 50001 certification which in itself serves as a route to compliance

Please contact Green Element or check our website for more updates here if you have any queries.

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