ESOS News, July 2015


The Environment Agency has added a question to the ESOS notification form requiring participants to indicate whether their lead assessor agrees that they comply with the requirements of the scheme. The ESOS regulations require (where applicable) that your assessment is reviewed by a lead assessor and they need to notify you of whether they believe you are compliant with the requirements of the scheme. If your lead assessor does not believe you meet the scheme requirements, but you do, you may still choose to submit your notification reflecting this. In this case you are more likely to be audited and asked to justify the approach to your assessment.

The EA has also updated the notification form to reflect that it does not intend to require organisations which qualify for the scheme but have zero energy responsibility to appoint a lead assessor.

The ESOS Compliance Guidance document published by the Environment Agency in February has been updated to reflect the changes to the notification form. The updated guidance also includes information regarding the treatment of student loans and references the new Public Contracts Regulations 2015 rather than the previous 2006 regulations.

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