Enersol Flomar SAVASTAT

Typically Enersol Flomar SAVASTAT can reduce your heating costs & CO2 emissions by about 15% but NOT I hasten to add at the expense of comfort levels (room space or hot water temperatures). The SAVASTAT controls work on a proven technology known as load compensation which is a method of relating boiler response to load conditions.

Load compensation technology was pioneered by Enersol Flomar SAVASTAT nearly 2 decades ago in its initial format but has been continuously improved with the passage of time. The latest controls are totally digital and savings data can be easily down loaded onto a memory stick for easy transfer onto a computer. Load compensation is well proven & tested and is widely recognised as a leading boiler technology, to the point that a lot of the newer generation of boilers have a similar technology built in at point of manufacture.

For that reason our retro-fit SAVASTAT controls are best suited to boilers manufactured before 2009. SAVASTAT can operate with oil & LPG fired boilers – not biomass.

Interstingly Enersol Flomar SAVASTAT have worked with Brunel University a university our MD lectures at on an annual basis. Information on this can be found here: Brunel University Testimonial


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