April 2018 Legal Updates


The Energy Performance of Buildings (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2018 revise the fees to be paid when entering data onto the register. Additions have been made to the list of data items from the register that may be published on a website.

The Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) (Amendments No. 1 and 2) Regulations 2018 are published to incorporate the requirements of Directive 2015/2193 of the European Parliament on the limitation of emissions of certain pollutants into the air from combustion plants. This aims for all combustion plants with a thermal rated input between 1 and 50 MW to be subject to the environmental permitting regime in view of improving air quality.

The following amendments are also made to the principal regulations and the air quality regulations:
• Enforcement undertakings are extended to flood risk activities in relation to England;
• A duty to review the application of the Regulations in relation to England is introduced;
• The Air Quality Standards Regulations 2010 and the Air Quality Standards (Wales)


If you’d like more information as to how these legal updates affect your business please contact us here

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