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Our strategy is to help companies through certification is outlined here - we tailor your project to suit your organisation's needs based on these stages.

Initial assessment - We run through the BIA's impact areas with you, making an initial assessment of your data and information status: I.e

Gap managements - we compile a strategy of how to address the 'gaps' in information identified in the first Steps - this includes identifying whom to approach with your questions within and externally to your company (e.g. HR, finance, facilities, management)

We help you gather the data identified in the first two stages

We help you complete the BIA for your company and then asses the initial score

We use the BIA's analytics with you decide on a strategy to increase your score, should it be below the required 80 points

We can when required continue to work with you until you at attain the score required for certification - or higher

We guide you through the legal change process in order to become a BCorp

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