Mission Statement & Values

Green Element strives to see things differently – to review life in fresh and alternative ways. We believe in helping our neighbours; reducing environmental impacts; and conducting our business ethically as well as professionally.

We genuinely care about the environment and pride ourselves on driving this same level of enthusiasm within our clients’ workforce. But we understand that any environmental project must motivate people without compromising their work. Every member of staff – from cleaners to top management – needs to be engaged, and we provide the impetus for inspiration, including key people in every element of decision-making implementation processes.

At Green Element, we practice what we preach – because life’s too short to think only of ourselves. We’re in this together. As well as implementing our own environmental policy, we’re proud to be a B Corporation; we’re a Living Wage Employer; and we’re committed to giving back through charity work.

Part of our vision – one we share with the RSA and which is eloquently explained in this video – is to enrich society through ideas and action: invigorating local community, investing in people, and empowering and inspiring them to work confidently, collaboratively and creatively to drive innovation.

RSA - Animate Series

Green Element is a B Corporation

B Corp status is akin to a Fair Trade certification for businesses. Through meeting a set of rigorous criteria (from social and environmental performance to public transparency and legal accountability), Green Element demonstrates tangible support for the pioneering global #Bthechange movement: driving people to use business as a force for good.

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Green Element is a Living Wage Employer

We are part of the Living Wage movement, guaranteeing that any person employed by Green Element be paid above the London Living Wage: we believe everyone can afford to help others have a decent quality of life. Any temporary staff – and our suppliers – are also paid fairly and reasonably.

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We’re committed to helping others

All our staff members spend one day a month working pro bono for registered charities they have chosen personally – these include the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, GHOF, KiteRight and the British Kitesports Association.

We’re passionate about alleviating social injustice, and we take our social responsibilities seriously: we aim to support low-income customers, and it is our policy that the fees Green Element earns should be distributed fairly and thoughtfully.

As a company we keep operational costs down by choosing not to spend on anything we feel is extravagant. This allows us to spend wisely instead – allowing for sustainable economic development. We give preference to suppliers from under-represented populations: our only requirement is quality, and we believe quality is readily available wherever you choose to look for it.

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We’re committed to environmental stewardship and conservation

We hold certification of ISO 14001 (UKAS-accredited Advanced Certification) and Green Element makes every effort possible to reduce its carbon footprint. We pride ourselves on achieving the best results for our clients – and our own EMS (environmental management system) is no different. As well as going above and beyond to surpass the requirements of current legislation, the prevention of pollution enshrined in our corporate philosophy is backed up by the genuine passion of our entire staff.

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