Word of mouth has proved the most powerful driver of new business and in our eight year history, we are proud to say that we have never lost a client. We now work on a long-term, retained basis with over 22 companies, working with their senior management teams to engage employees, continually improve their environmental business strategies and help them to achieve objectives for growth.

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Regents University London

The services that Green Element provided the university with, proved incredibly cost effective. Not only this, but they helped us to understand the importance of becoming a more responsible and ‘green’ business. Green Element are so dedicated to helping companies, like Regent’s, to nurture their relationship with the environment, that it was incredibly easy to entrust them with the responsibility of helping us to become more energy efficient.

Since working with Will and the team, we have achieved savings of 500 tonnes of carbon emissions and 160, 000 kilowatt-hours of energy. The university has also, perhaps more noticeably, reduced our running costs by £24,000 a year.

Alan Donnachie - Director of Estates

Grant Thornton

Green Element has supported us in developing, implementing and improving our environmental management system over the past few years. The team share their extensive knowledge and expertise to ensure we continue to reduce our impact on our environment.

Each member of the team is extremely professional and I feel they go above and beyond in order to help us to achieve our environmental objectives. I have truly valued the support and insight Green Element has provided to our business.

Karen Higgins - National Internal Sustainability Manager


It has been a pleasure working with you. You are my favourite suppliers/consultants because there is nothing for me to worry about and I have absolute confidence in you to deliver the service.

Joseph Lo - Sourcing & Procurement Lead - EMEA


Will has guided us through the minefield that is BSI 14001 since 2008. Happy, cheerful, reassuring , passionate about the environment

Vanessa Flockhart

Morrow + Lorraine

Made everything extremely easy and stress free. Would definitely recommend.

Emily Sullivan

EDC Communications

We found Green Element to be very professional and knowledgeable and have really understood what we wanted to achieve and their help and expertise in helping us to ISO14001 was invaluable. “Thank you for the report. That is one of the best reports I have seen, its great our numbers are going the right way, but how it is presented and laid out is very good, very clear and concise, thank you to the team!”

Jonathan Williams - Head of Facilities

The Engine Group

“Will initially came to Engine to help guide us through BS8555 (Acorn stage 3) and ISO 14001 accreditation. Since then he has returned annually to ensure that we are dotting our i’s and crossing our t’s in all the appropriate places, generally acting as our ISO14001 guru.

Will has been an invaluable help to us in the accreditation process and transformed a daunting task into a pleasure (well, as pleasurable as it possibly could be!) He goes out of his way to be helpful and is always on hand to answer any questions or queries you’ve got. He’s extremely diligent and you can be assured that you’re in very safe hands if you’ve got Will taking your company through the ISO14001 certification.

We couldn’t recommend Will more, although we’re not convinced how happy we are about sharing him!”

Olenka Lawrenson - Head of Marketing

Swann Morton

Prepared and presented to the correct level required. Would definitely use again.

Jeanette Hawkins - QA & RA Systems Manager

AJA Registrars Limited

William is a highly motivated individual with exemplary environmental credentials - highly recommended - James Gibb; Managing Director at AJA Registrars Limited


William was appointed by AMV.BBDO, the UK’s largest ad agency, to enable the agency to become BS8555 (Acorn stage 3) certified, with a view to AMV attaining ISO 14001 in due course.

William essentially led the in-house Environmental Committee, of which I was a member, ensuring that the agency would pass its environmental audit within a specified timescale.

His specific duties included:

  • Chairing the Environmental Committee meetings and providing the team with specific outcomes to achieve;
  • Formulating a “road map” to compliance with the relevant environmental standards;
  • Assisting with the analysis of energy usage and performing a waste audit to enable the company to baseline its position and monitor improvement against it;
  • Writing the company’s environmental policy;
  • Advising on the procurement of additional services such as recycling collection and smart metering;
  • Providing advice to individual departments such as HR, IT, Finance and Facilities on how best to green up their departments;

Assisting with internal communication of the Environmental Committee’s work, objectives and achievements to the rest of the company

William was a pleasure to work with, not least because he combined the role of environmental consultant with a high degree of commercial acumen. He was extremely professional to work with and was especially good at ensuring that the agency did not let the project slip, as he understood that all members of the team had other roles as well as the Environmental Committee one. This lead to him being more than a contractor to a team and was treated more as an internal employee than a third party.

In particular, William often went over and above what was contractually required and was always at hand to offer advice and support to the company to enable AMV to pass the audit.

The team were delighted to have passed the audit first time and we all found him to be extremely motivational in the way he dealt with all levels of the company from the CEO down to member of facilities and IT, building very solid relationships along the way. I would not hesitate to work with William again, or recommend him to other parties.


Will has guided us through the minefield that is BSI 14001 since 2008. Happy, cheerful, reassuring , passionate about the environment

Vanessa Flockhart

Government Agency

Government Agencies do not like to give references out but this came from a letter that I asked to be written.

…….”I initially engaged Will to support the Agency in its renewal application for ISO14001. This engagement was at short notice as the existing staff member had returned home to Zimbabwe at very little notice. Will fitted into the team very well and very quickly assessed the actions that TDA needed to undertake to retain the ISO. I found him to be pragmatic, methodical and always had an eye on value for money. His attention to detail is excellent and he also fully engaged in our electronic records management system, ensuring that a full audit trail was maintained going forward.

As I was experiencing difficultly in filling the role on a permanent basis, I asked Will if he could assist in areas not unrelated but still outside his field of expertise. He developed training material to engage our Directors in environmental issues, and also develop a strategy and process with which the Agency can purchase carbon offsets for our business flights. He has also drafted an initial Green IT strategy to support the development of a more environmental IT purchasing strategy going forward. Finally, as Will did not meet the successful candidate for the permanent post in Manchester, he drafted comprehensive handover notes that the new team member can follow when they commence employment with the TDA.

I have no hesitation in recommending Will’s services to you.”…………..

NAAFI (Through the Green Consultancy)

William Richardson worked under the guise of The Green Consultancy, they asked NAAFI for some feedback and this is what they said;

The review by Green Consultancy has provided a great stimulus to our Environmental strategy and clear direction as to the steps we need to take to progress it. The consultant was professional, but approachable and took a practical approach in giving his recommendations to how we can make an EMS work at low cost and in harmony with our customers and suppliers.


Joe is good at responding promptly to emails and is helpful throughout the business to all levels of enquiry…..

Rebecca Crozier

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