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PUKKA herbs are a Bristol based company that produce herbal teas and food supplements, all of which are organic. The company transport these herbs from all over the world to the UK and then transport them out to the whole world.

Green Element were brought into review this company and understand the processes of PUKKA Herbs that were undertaken in order for the company to undertake its services. Pukka Herbs have grown exponentially over the last few years and as an Organic Herbal Tea company, the MD felt that it should practice what it preaches, (He and his staff definitely do this, Green Element were amazed at the passion for what they do and the way they do this); because of this growth, the company now need to really understand its impacts and try and alleviate them as much as possible.

A process map of the company was designed and a full understanding of the impacts/aspects were undertaken. A complete legal review was carried out for both PUKKA and OHTC, (Organic Herb Trading Company), the sister company to PUKKA. The scope of further projects were worked out with the following to be assessed; A full scope 1, 2 and 3 analysis is to be undertaken, this will both help the company understand the CO2 impact and help re-align the transport strategy. Integration between their CMS, Delivery Companies, incl. Royal Mail and their invoicing system for a complete picture of the number of miles and CO2 that has been used to perform their services. An understanding of the packaging and how to reduce the packaging.

From the Pukka Herbs Website:
You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so when we started out we gave our name careful consideration. ‘Pukka’ was perfect.

Translated from Hindi to mean ‘authentic’, ‘genuine’ or, more colloquially, ‘top-quality’, ‘Pukka’ epitomises all that we represent – our ethos, ambition and everything we create.

Started with little finance, but plenty of passion, we’ve grown Pukka on our beliefs in ayurveda – the ancient Indian art of living wisely – and the incredible health benefits of organic herbs.

As we grow, our reliance on nature increases. With this in mind, we respect our relationship with the land by using herbs from organic and sustainable sources, enjoying long-term and fair-trade bonds with our suppliers. We are proud to say that all our herbs and products are certified organic by the Soil Association and the USDA* and can all be traced back to the field in which they were grown. We make regular visits to the farmers we work with to learn from as well as educate them. Like all relationships, it’s a two-way thing.

Throughout our journey, the huge support we’ve received from our customers has encouraged us to stay true to our roots and vision. We’re still as passionate about sharing the wonders of organic herbs as we were when the seeds of Pukka were first sown.

That passion just gets stronger with time.

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