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The Navy, Army and Airforce Institute are the oldest serving supplier of food and services to the British military.

Green Element conducted a baseline assessment in order to develop an understanding of the environmental impacts and issues facing the organisation. This was done by referencing existing management programmes and practices, stakeholders, and by identifying the environmental aspects and impacts of the organisation’s activities, processes, products and services.

This assessment helped to identify opportunities for cost savings and achieving competitive advantage. Green Element formulated a draft environmental policy, and established initiatives for environmental improvement, based on the findings of the baseline assessment. Green Element developed and implemented some initial environmental performance indicators that address key environmental issues.

Green Element developed initial approaches to employee involvement in continual improvement, environmental training and awareness raising. Green Element designed the start of their environmental management system and they are currently now at Phase 3 BS8555. This was all highlighted in a comprehensive report and a presentation to the board of directors.

NAAFI (Through the Green Consultancy)

William Richardson worked under the guise of The Green Consultancy, they asked NAAFI for some feedback and this is what they said;

The review by Green Consultancy has provided a great stimulus to our Environmental strategy and clear direction as to the steps we need to take to progress it. The consultant was professional, but approachable and took a practical approach in giving his recommendations to how we can make an EMS work at low cost and in harmony with our customers and suppliers.

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