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Corporate Edge are brand, design and communication experts who work with their clients to create, launch and manage brands that deliver real and measurable change in the marketplace:

They have over 30 years experience developing brands for clients. Starting life as a merger of CLK (the UK’s first strategic innovation consultancy) and MPL (one of Europe’s leading design consultancies) – they have established a reputation for combining compelling strategic thinking with inspiring and imaginative creative solutions.

Green Element conducted a baseline assessment in order to develop an understanding of the environmental impacts and issues facing the organisation. This was done by referencing existing management programmes and practices, stakeholders, and by identifying the environmental aspects and impacts of the organisation’s activities, processes, products and services.

This assessment helped to identify opportunities for cost savings and achieving competitive advantage. Green Element formulated a draft environmental policy, and established initiatives for environmental improvement, based on the findings of the baseline assessment. Green Element developed and implemented some initial environmental performance indicators that address key environmental issues.

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