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Dave has joined forces with Engine’s Asian brand consultancy and together we have launched Calling Brands. Calling Brands will start with offices in London, Shanghai and Hong Kong, and a total of 70 employees.

We’re changing because the world is changing. From West to East. More connected, more complex. Less certain, less clear. Exhilarating and liberating.

Our clients need a brand consultancy that lives in the new world order. One that can help them discover where they fit, focus on what they’re good at, define where they’re going, and why they matter. One that can help define their Purpose.

In a world where narrow focus on shareholder value is bankrupt, Purpose guides long-term decisions. As everything speeds up, Purpose stabilises. When technology creates total transparency, Purpose keeps the whole business true. As your world becomes a tangled network of competitors, customer and collaborators, Purpose tells everyone where you fit.

Purpose is everything. If you’ve got it, you can change your world.

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