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A guide to transitioning - ISO 14001:2015A guide to transitioning - ISO 14001:2015

It's been over a year since the new ISO 14001 standard was launched and what's become clear, is that there is no set way to meet the requirements. The subjectivity means that external auditors must go in to each audit with an open mind, due to the increas ... read more

Regents University Case StudyRegents University Case Study

Not only have Regent’s University seen significant financial benefits but they have developed a more sustainable relationship with the environment and are inspiring the next generation to appreciate the importance of nurturing this relationship, whilst ma ... read more

April 2016 Legal UpdatesApril 2016 Legal Updates

Recently, Green Element have been asked a number of questions regarding lighting and any legal limitations they have when fitting and replacing new lamps. ... read more

March 2016 Legal UpdatesMarch 2016 Legal Updates

Under an amendment to The Hazardous Waste (England and Wales) Regulations, as of 1st April 2016 businesses will no longer be required to register as a Hazardous Waste Producer (currently costing £18 a year). Up until that date companies are only required ... read more

Personal or Centralised Waste Bins: The BreakdownPersonal or Centralised Waste Bins: The Breakdown

There is an ever growing consensus for companies to take charge of their waste. Factors such as costs, legislation and CSR requirements are leading to a mounting pressure on organisations and ultimately, facility managers to do more. A decision to remove ... read more

How environmental are our football clubs?How environmental are our football clubs?

At times, football does great things for communities but this rarely involves the environment. From travelling fans creating tonnes of waste to the mass energy usage of the stadiums they go to, it is undeniable that clubs have a significantly large enviro ... read more

Green Element are Hiring.....Green Element are Hiring.....

Green Element are looking for a person that holds environmental issues close to their heart. We are looking for someone for a full-time role. Green Element are a small organisation and looking for an individual in which passion and commitment are driving ... read more

How do I safely dispose of paint and chemicals?How do I safely dispose of paint and chemicals?

This is a question that crops up again and again – and not knowing the correct way to throw away unwanted paint or chemicals often leads people to guiltily toss them in with the general rubbish, or worse, down the drain – believing that the sewage plant w ... read more

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