Welcome to Green Element Monthly (July 2016)

Welcome to the July edition of Green Element Monthly. It’s been an interesting month to say the least. As an environmental management consultancy, Green Element has no political beliefs or associations, but we do follow and comment on environmental policy and political change which has implications for climate change or other environmental impacts. During the referendum campaign, we posted a blog article about the potential environmental impacts of leaving the EU, and another posted a few hours after we found out about the vote in favour of Brexit. What we hope is that we’ll now all pull together, grasp the nettle and look at the future of environmentalism in the UK as an exciting challenge.

No-one knows the future or what’s going to happen regarding climate change. What we at Green Element know is that when we’re tasked with working with you we reduce your bills and improve your environmental awareness. You only need to review our case studies to see what savings we can achieve by working together with our clients.We know that optimism breeds optimism. It hasn’t actually been that hard to see that there are a number of ways of looking at Brexit and to identify areas of potential. The 30th June saw the 5th carbon budget being approved - reassuring us that the drive for environmentalism is still strong in the UK. More on that in a later post. New Scientist has also helped us take a positive view of the future, by shooting a video that we have featured showing us yet more things to be excited about. Please refer to the ‘Lighter Side’ of our monthly for this. Another thing that has also come out of the Brexit vote is that BCorp has now started talks with the government about making BCorp a legal status. i.e. instead of being a Limited Company you could be a Benefit Corporation instead! (This is already the case in many states in the USA). (It will be able to happen because we’ll no longer be bound by EU rules).

In a few weeks we are going to be voting for the future of the UK! What is the most environmental decision?

If you would like to talk to our MD, William Richardson, about any of the articles or just want a chat, you can access his diary for a 20 minute chat here.

Wishing you all a Happy July,

The Green Element Team

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