Welcome to Green Element Monthly (August 2016)

Welcome to the August edition of Green Element Monthly. After the month before and all that excitement and disappointment, this month feels it has been a bit slow, but with amazing weather! (Depending on where in the country you are based)….. With School holidays out in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England; it reminds us who we are, and why we are doing what we are doing. We are building a solid future for our children and future generation.

We have just taken on Jillian Watt, a remarkable lady with a real aptitude for energy management, she studies at Imperial Uni as did Emma. We have been working with Jillian as a consultant on our CompareYourFootprint.com website and therefore we know how good she is at what she does. Jillian is taking over from Amandine who has now gone on to work with Marine Conservation; a very different type of work and wish her all the best. She was amazing and so lovely to work with.

We have just employed a marketing company that is going to hopefully help us win some new work and build on the fantastic base we have already. We have grown through word of mouth over the last few years, and as a small company that has really helped. If you know a company that needs to save money and be more environmental then please let us know. Contact Us. I will let you know how it goes!

If you would like to talk to our MD, William Richardson, about any of the articles or just want a chat, you can access his diary for a 20 minute chat here.

Wishing you all a Happy August,

The Green Element Team

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