Website Analyst Intern Vacancy

Website Analyst Intern Vacancy

Green Element are looking for someone who holds environmental issues close to their heart. We are looking for an intern who would like to gain more experience in website analytics and increasing a company’s presence on the internet. We now have a solid 25 unique users per day, which according to Google Analytics is a great start to a company. This is through complete organic growth and not trying to fool google but trying to improve OUR content and service to OUR clientele….. We are a small environmental management consultancy which would like to improve our presence on the internet, increase website traffic and help produce a reason for coming to our website.

We try and help companies reduce their carbon footprint; nowadays organisations are feeling pressure from clients, staff and the government to live up to social and environmental expectations and although most organisations have some systems in place to reflect a positive attitude to the environment we have found that these are time-consuming, often expensive and, ultimately, a burden. Green Element delivers Environmental Management Systems which unite staff, save up to 20% on current utilities and improve corporate image without creating any extra work or financial pressures on the day-to-day running of the business.

A list of what we would like to achieve are as follows:

Green Element are signed up to Living Wage. We feel very strongly about the moral obligations of an employer and a business. We allow all employees 1 day per month to work with a charity of their choice and every 5 years of employment staff have 2 months paid leave (Pro-rated up to 4 months – to enable maximum time away!).

From the Managing Director

If I am being honest I never really wanted to have an intern as I did not want to take advantage of graduates looking for work; that said I am keen to try and help people as much as I am able. I work at a number of universities offering advice where I can and help in graduate fairs. This is a project that may lead on to a position but at this moment in time we can’t afford to pay for a position that may or may not be needed. If you prove to us that this is a position that is needed I have some other projects that it could be tied into; therefore creating a job post for you. We would also like to reward anyone who works hard with a small monetary reward. We will also write a glowing reference to anyone that deserves it!

If you have any questions or are interested in this position please email; Please put reference “GEJOB004” in the subject line. Please state where you heard about the job in the email.

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