Waste Not, want not!

Waste Not, want not!

On the 06 February we presented on the trials and tribulations on what our clients go through with regard to the space problems with disposing of their waste.

Green Element help a variety of different companies manage their waste, ensuring compliance with legislation, adhering to the waste hierarchy and certifying them to ISO 14001 within this process. This presentation will give the audience a preview on how companies succeed in managing their waste within the confines of tight spaces, whilst also ensuring that the waste hierarchy is adhered to. The presentation will be broken down into the following sections: What does waste hold and how do companies deal with it?; Waste Legislation – a brief insight into it; Future of waste in the UK?; What does the crystal ball hold?

The presentations are below, along with a fantastic youtube video of the Cawley MRF - Municipal Recovery Facility….

Topics: ISO 14001, Technology, Waste, William Richardson

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