Support the Royal Parks

Support the Royal Parks

In a big city like London, green spaces are not only beneficial for society providing us with some space to breathe, relax, exercise, play, socialise. They are also of great importance for our environment: providing habitat for birds, fish, insects, absorbing pollution, draining rainwater run-off, and much more.

The Royal Parks Foundation is a charity created in 2003 that helps to protect and enhance London’s eight Royal Parks and raises funds and awareness for projects in relation with heritage, education, wellbeing and nature; their main projects being the Isis Education Centre, the Royal parks Half Marathon, the trees and wildlife adoption schemes, to cite only a few.

At the heart of Hyde Park, well-hidden in a copse of trees, when heading North from the Serpentine to Marble Arch, is located the Look Out, an idyllic place where Royal Parks Foundation have launched the Isis Education Centre (named after the  Greek Goddess of motherhood and fertility, patroness of nature and magic). Since its creation, The Centre’s purpose is to welcome children, adults and community groups from all ages in a  beautiful green sanctuary to allow them to connect with the natural world in the heart of the city. Around their sustainable building with a living roof and bat boxes, they host a beautiful garden, a pond, a mini-beast area, providing various habitats to explore.

All year round, classes and groups have the opportunity to come in for a day and assist the hands-on activities provided by the Royal Parks educational team. Activities range from learning about baby animals or the weather and playing games in the park for the younger ones, to performing habitat surveys, collect organisms  and observe them through the microscope and reflecting about their different adaptations to the habitats, their food chains and webs, etc.

Once a month, I will be joining the Royal Parks Foundation, to assist their educational team during the sessions or to help with fundraising projects such as the Royal Parks Half Marathon, as I firmly  believe making people see the magic behind Nature and triggering children’s curiosity towards the living world, is the first step to a more sustainable relationship with our environment.

To learn more about the Royal Park Foundation: Support Royal Parks

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