Paris agreement: one step further...

Paris agreement: one step further...

Coinciding with the symbolic International Earth Day, a historical meeting is taking place this Friday at the Headquarters of the United Nations in New York. World leaders are gathering for the signing ceremony of the Paris Agreement on climate change.

On December 12th, 155 countries have committed to sign the Paris Agreement. In this agreement, the countries pledged to work to limit the temperature rise overall below 2 degrees Celsius, but are aiming to achieve a temperature rise below 1.5 degrees Celsius

This opening ceremony is the first step to putting the Agreement into practice. After this, all parties will have a year to sign the Agreement and ratify it. To ratify it, they must submit a proposal plan for actions, a process which may take different forms and be more or less time-consuming, depending on each countries’ internal practices. Then, once at least 55 parties- who would cut 55% of the Global GHG emissions- have signed and ratified the Agreement, the treaty will be operational.

Let’s hope Mother Earth will be an inspiration to take action today for all the leaders that have committed to sign.

And although many environmentalists have seen this Agreement as failing on many aspects, let’s see this as a positive signal for change… and most importantly, let’s not wait for the governments to make a change:

Visit Earth day’s website to see how you can contribute.


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