Painting by numbers

Painting by numbers

With the laborious and time consuming data collection & cleaning complete I was hoping to have a day playing with maps, instead I spent the day painting by numbers- not a bad life.

This is the part of my job I like the most, as who frankly doesn’t like a bit of colouring in? WWT would like a picture created of each of their sites. They have specified what needs to be included in the picture and my job is to create it and colour it in as much as possible.

It is the part of my job I like the most, making that picture a reality, from a mass of numbers. I suppose in a way, enabling people to see the woods and not being overwhelmed by the trees. In reality, I produced an interactive dashboard that can be sliced and diced to give a profile of the types of schools visiting and importantly those not visiting each site. It also sets us up for the next stage of our research to delve a little deeper and to start identifying the barriers some schools face when trying to access the excellent hands on learning experiences at the WWT sites.

So, I ended the day with the lids firmly back on my pens ready for a bit of data mining next month.

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