New Company Reporting Legislation - ESOS

  1. ESOS is a compulsory programme of regular energy audits for ‘large enterprises’ that must be undertaken by December 5 2015 under the UK Government’s compliance with the EU Energy Efficiency Directive 2012

  2. Those required to participate will be all enterprises with at least 250 employees and either

    an annual turnover of at least €50 million (£42 million), or an annual balance sheet total of at least €43 million (£35 million).

  3. Energy audits are to be conducted by approved assessors every 4 years

  4. The audit will assess the organisational energy intensity ratio (e.g. kWh/employee FTE) and the variation in energy use over time within key buildings and operations

  5. To achieve compliance, businesses will have to gather the necessary data, undertake the assessment and maintain records of the results

  6. Penalties will be put in place for non-compliance

  7. Those with an Environmental Management System certified by ISO50001 which includes the energy intensity ratio data will be considered ESOS compliant and not required to implement specific ESOS audits

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