March 2016 Legal Updates

March 2016 Legal Updates

March Monthly Legislation Update

Under an amendment to The Hazardous Waste (England and Wales) Regulations, as of 1st April 2016 businesses will no longer be required to register as a Hazardous Waste Producer (currently costing £18 a year). Up until that date companies are only required to re-register if their premise produces 500kg of hazardous waste by 1st April from the end date of their current premises code. Pass this point the 500kg threshold will no longer exist.

This change will also affect consignment notes and their format, with this being slightly different for England compared to Wales. Instead of a premise or exempt code, the first 6 letters of the site company’s name will need to be used. The remaining digits which waste contractors normally provide will remain the same; a random string of numbers and letters identifying the particular note. Additionally, the amendment removes the requirement to input the 2003 Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes and allows the 2007 SIC codes used on Waste Transfer Notes to be used, relieving the common confusion surrounding this.

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