Green Element are hiring........ "Analyst Consultant"

Green Element are looking for someone with analytical and consulting skills that holds environmental issues close to their heart.

We are a small company with some big clients. We offer a job that will be colourful and varied, helping companies reduce their environmental impact. You will be working independently from client sites as well as from home, so you should be good at managing your time to fit around clients as well as your own needs.

You should have excellent analytical abilities, and the ability to work with confidence with large data sets. You should also be comfortable with meeting clients, and have strong communication skills and the ability to listen.

You will be methodical, able to listen to client’s needs, and have a fantastic eye for detail. You should be able to work independently, and to be inquisitive; unafraid to question anything you think needs to be questioned. The ability to express and discuss complex issues by e-mail, skype and over the phone is essential. The role would suit a graduate with a year’s experience.

The Role

The role requires a hands-on attitude to data gathering. The role holder will be gathering data for clients’ sustainability monitoring, processing it, analysing it and presenting it back to clients with insights. This will involve downloading data from portals, requesting data from a wide range of sources; persisting with data owners and utility companies’ customer services on phone, by email, and by online chat to resolve data issues.

The role will involve:

Requisite skills

  1. Tables and Names
  2. Cross-referencing and lookups
  3. Charts including combo charts
  4. Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
  5. Mathematical formulae
  6. Importing and exporting to/from csv, pdf etc

Desirable skills

  1. Exporting / importing to/from Access
  2. Macros
  3. VBA


Do you know of anyone who would be interested in working for a truly environmental management consultancy and who believe in putting the client and environment first? If this sounds like you or someone you know that can be based in the London area, then please ask them to complete the following:

  1. Please could you email your CV with a covering letter explaining why you want to work at this kind of consultancy to
  2. Please put reference “GEJOB0010a” in the subject line.
  3. Please state where you heard about the job.
  4. Fill in the following questions; According to survey monkey it takes 7 minutes to fill in.

We would be looking for someone to start in September/October. We are flexible and are keen to have the right person on board……


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