Green Element are Hiring.....

Green Element are Hiring.....

Green Element are looking for a person that holds environmental issues close to their heart. We are looking for someone for a full-time role. Green Element are a small organisation and looking for an individual in which passion and commitment are driving factors. As a small business your job will be colourful and varied therefore having tenacity and flexibility in attitudes to work could be great! You will be working from home and have to be great at time management.

Do you know of anyone who would be interested in working for a truly environmental management consultancy, who believe in putting the client and environment first. If this sounds like you or someone you know that can be based in the London area please e-mail us your CV with a covering letter of why you want to work at this kind of consultancy to Please put reference “GEJOB006a” in the subject line. Please state where you heard about the job.

We would like to have someone that believes in the importance of caring about the world’s environment and is truly passionate about trying to reduce other people’s and businesses impacts on the environment. You have to be methodical and client led with a fantastic eye for detail. We expect you to be inquisitive and question anything you think needs questioned. You are our eyes and ears on all our clients data. We want to reduce and continue reducing….. You must be able to reliably work on your own for extended periods of time and have the ability to balance working independently whilst asking for clarifications when required. Because you will be working remotely and sometimes not around the rest of the team the ability to express and discuss complex issues by e-mail or phone is greatly needed. You will have to balance carrying out instructions with self-direction and innovation in order to do this strong verbal communication skills, including listening skills is a real necessity. I am afraid although this job for the right person will and should be amazing you will have to have the ability to accurately work on repetitive tasks when required (i.e. data entry). You will need to have an attention to detail, including the ability to avoid errors during complex data manipulations.

This Job does require some technical knowledge:

On top of this technical knowledge we would expect you to have the following general skills:

You would be looking at a salary of circa £19k.

If you would like further information on Green Element and the type of clients we work with then please visit


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