Grant Thornton UK LLP Testimonial

Grant Thornton UK LLP Testimonial

Karen Higgins - Senior Manager | Internal Sustainability - Grant Thornton UK LLP

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How would you describe Green Element in just three words?

Three? Okay, right, let’s think. Okay, got them: proactive…committed…trustworthy

Great! Now – in as many words as you like this time – tell me about your experience of working with Green Element

Sure. I work for a company called Grant Thornton; we asked for the help of Green Element’s CEO, Will Richardson at a time when we were looking to asses our environmental performance against the national benchmark to identify areas where we might further reduce energy costs across each of our company’s 28 UK offices. It was important to us that everyone at Grant Thornton was given the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the energy consumption of each of our buildings and in turn, attain the internationally recognised ISO 14001 accreditation.

Great. And were you pleased with the service Green Element provided you with?

Oh, absolutely. Green Element delivered precisely what they said they would. In the first year after working with Will and Green Element, we saved 600 kg of carbon emissions per employee. We also achieved an annual saving of £250,000 in that first year as well as attaining our ISO 14001 accreditation which – as I mentioned – was incredibly important to the company.

Would you recommend Green Element to other companies considering partnering up with them in the future?

Definitely. The results Green Element helped us achieve were truly staggering. Not only did the services that Green Element provided prove incredibly cost effective, but they helped us to understand the importance of being an altogether more responsible and ‘green’ business, whilst ensuring we fell into full compliance with environmental legislation and guidelines.

Is there anything else you’d like to say about the company?

Green Element aided us in setting ourselves realistic and – more importantly – achievable targets which has motivated us to strive for continual improvement in our environmental performance. Will and the team also encouraged us to work for better internal communication across our UK offices which has been fantastic for collectively monitoring the progress in performance across all Grant Thornton sites.

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