Fracking in British Columbia - Can we learn from this process?

Fracking in British Columbia - Can we learn from this process?

Fracking is becoming quite a phenomena - it is purported to be the savior to our energy needs. Maybe it is, maybe not…..

This is not what we should be concentrating on, the safety of fracking and the complete understanding of the process would and should help in this development. We have heard of the earthquakes that have happened in Blackpool; (British Geological Survey. There is also water pollution to take into consideration; according to the Tyndall Centre, “As such, the likelihood of pollution incidents associated with wider development of shale increase from the ‘possible’ end of the spectrum at the level of a well pad through to the ‘probable’ as the number of wells and pads increases.” With this knowledge we need to understand why the Government are still steaming ahead. According to this government briefing, the government are relying on the likes of Tyndall Centre as a resource.

There are an enourmas amount of mixed messages out there. I have had a number of ‘experts’ within the Fracking field ask me what are my thoughts. I am unsure, but the more I read the more I would like to know more.

I would like to leave you with his 16 minute documentary on the Fracking Process within beautiful British Columbia and the effect it is having there;

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