Finding a strong relationship is never easy.

Finding a strong relationship is never easy.

I have on paper some perfect matches, I know their background, their strengths and weaknesses, I have mixed in academic research and personal experience to understand the relationships that could potentially flourish and thought about the circumstances which will allow them to prosper.

Sadly, no matter how strong the logic applied, how thorough the academic research carried out and how deep my gut feeling lead me to believe in those strong lasting relationships, it was one of those days where the numbers were to remain just friends.

So yes, my monthly voluntary day was spent moving data around in that hope of a good r-squared, I even resorted to box plots. It should be there - that mix of data which gives the happy-ever-ending but it eluded me and crashed excel far too many times leading me to overdose on tea while I waited for it to all reload- again and again and again.

On the positive- and here comes the teacher in me- it is these ‘failed’ days that enable you to learn more about the data and to understand those gaps you didn’t realise were leaving such a cold draught in your research. (By the way I groan when I hear myself as well)

Basically the WWT is interested in looking at the types of schools who visit their centres and those that have not. They want to ensure that children from deprived areas are given the help they need to provide their children with the practical hands on learning experience that their centres provide. They also want to understand deprivation and the link with access to green open space- something I thought would be easy to prove- but of course just because there is a park nearby doesn’t mean it is deemed a safe enjoyable place for children to play. So I will be turning my back on excel for now and revisiting an old friend, GIS, to delve deeper into the background of some of the data.

I remain hopeful my next day working with the WWT will be another day closer to finding that perfect match but I realise now the path to a strong relationship is not an easy one. I do, however, remain positive.

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