ESOS Latest Update (November 2014)

ESOS Latest Update (November 2014)

ESOS - the Government’s Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

In September 2014, The Environmental Agency (EA) further updated the online guidance to compliance with the new piece of environmental legislation known as ESOS

There remains some residual confusion amongst organisations, caused by apparent ambiguity in the documentation thus far produced by the EA as to what will be required to achieve full compliance when organisations already have ISO 14001 certification and / or Display Energy Certificates in their buildings.

Green Element contacted the EA ESOS Help Desk to clarify the most up-to-date information on alternative routes to compliance - i.e. other than the full ESOS programme:

Alternative routes to compliance with ESOS

When an organisation has:

incorporating at least 90% of the organisation’s energy use, then no additional ESOS compliant energy audit will be required on those sites (but you may need to conduct them on other areas of the organisation’s energy consumption that are not covered by one of those routes to compliance if those sites covered amount to less than 90% of the organisation’s total energy use)

When an organisation has

Through all routes to compliance, as part of the overall ESOS assessment participants will need to make sure that the whole ESOS assessment is signed off by an approved lead assessor.

For Green Element Clients

William Richardson is a member of IEMA, which is included in the Environment Agency list of approved registers of lead assessors, which means that he is certified to conduct ESOS assessments. Therefore:

-A straightforward alternative is to obtain ISO 50001 certification, which makes an organisation automatically compliant with ESOS.

Next steps - we will be sending out a bulletin to our clients with instructions as and when decisions and actions need to be taken

A summary of the ESOS programme is given below:

all enterprises with at least 250 employees OR


an annual turnover of at least €50 million (£42 million) or an annual balance sheet total of at least €43 million (£35 million).

ISO 14001 is not listed in the regulations and as such if the organisation is ISO 14001 certified, officially this means nothing in ESOS in terms of automatic compliance.

However, clearly, if the organisation is doing energy auditing work already then as long as the work it is doing complies with the principles of an ESOS compliant audit as detailed in Articles 26 and 27 of the ESOS regulation, then this will be fine and the organisation will just keep these records in its evidence pack. In the notification of compliance the organisation will specify that it has complied via ESOS-compliant energy audits.

What this means to ISO 14001 certified organisations is that in order to achieve ESOS compliance the following four requirements must be adhered to:

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