ESOS Deadlines & Notification News

ESOS Deadlines & Notification News

Green Element are registered to make notifications for ESOS to the Environment Agency, and are in regular touch with the EA in the run-up to the deadline of 5th December 2015.

If you need any help making a notification or in completing your assessment, please get in touch with us as soon as possible by phone or email.

Environment Agency’s news on ESOS deadlines and late notifications:

We would not normally expect to take enforcement action for late notification provided it is received by 29 January 2016, and giving until 30 June 2016 for organisations committed to achieving ISO 50001 certification as a form of compliance.

If you know that you are not going to meet the 5 December 2015 deadline, for whatever reason, you need to inform us by that date using the online portal here. This ‘Intent to Comply’ notification will ask you to provide the following information;

• Organisational group name
• Trading name
• Registered office location
• Company registration number
• Whether the notification is on behalf of a trust
• Overseas parent name
• Number of organisations covered by the notification
• Contact details for a day to day contact
• Contact details for the board director that will be signing off your full ESOS compliance
• The principal reasons you are going to be late
• What you have left to do after the deadline
• When you expect to be compliant
• Whether you have appointed a lead assessor yet and if so their name, contact details and professional body.
• If you are going to comply fully via ISO 50001, your certification body and whether you have evidence from them that you are on target to comply by 30 June 2016

You are advised to do as much as you can before the deadline and keep evidence of this in your evidence pack. Please submit your notification of compliance as soon as you can

If your organisation cannot comply fully by 5 December 2015, you will need to inform us of this by the same date via an online portal, giving information on why you have been unable to comply and when you expect to submit your notification of compliance. Such organisations are advised to do as much as they can before the deadline.

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