Energy Procurement with BAS Energy

BAS Energy offers a range of contract types (Green, Secured, Fixed, Pass-through and Flexible) with different tendering options. This may be through the utility management platform Openview – the most advanced live-auction site in the industry – or alternatively BAS may negotiate with energy suppliers on your behalf.

To provide a comprehensive overview of the marketplace, BAS Energy partners with more than 20 energy suppliers, resulting in a contract focused on your requirements and business needs.

Securing and managing your energy contract is the first step in the journey. Your account management team will continue to deal with all your energy administration, taking care of invoice validation, energy reporting and cost forecasting. In addition, energy prices are tracked daily, in order to propose contract revisions for you whenever necessary.

Building on the solid bond we develop with our clients, we can manage your relationship with BAS Energy as part of our services.

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