Difference between ISO 50001:2011 and BS EN 16001:2009

Difference between ISO 50001:2011 and BS EN 16001:2009

There are a number of areas that ISO 5001 and BS EN 16001 differentiate themselves from one another;

Energy Policy

The ISO standard is set up for more of a rigorous standard control on what is to be stipulated through the policy. The ISO standard requires commitment related to the purchase of energy efficient products and services. The British standard only requires the consideration of energy consumption when purchasing consuming equipment. The ISO standard also requires a commitment for the required resources to achieve objectives and targets.

Energy Procurement

ISO 50001 standard puts more emphasis on the actual procurement of energy services, products, equipment and energy by having its own section for it. Procurement was just broadly included within the BS EN 16001. There is a clearer emphasis on ISO 5001 for its energy supply as BS 16001 deals more with the energy efficiency. ISO 50001 focusses more on renewables and carbon intensity relating to energy supply and BS 16001 considers energy performance criteria in the purchase of equipment.

Energy Performance

BS 16001 is much more focussed on particular sites and encourages energy efficiency within these sites, usually taken on a reduction based approach. ISO 50001 takes into consideration energy efficiency, energy production, and the design, modification and renovation of significant energy consuming facilities, equipment, systems and processes.

Metering systems

BS 16001 refers to an ‘energy management plan’ but ISO 50001 refers to an ‘energy measurement plan’. This would mean, subjectively speaking that BS 16001 is more heavily reliant on metering than its new counterpart. The scope of the energy performance indicators are also broadened to encompass more as stated before within the ‘Energy Procurement’.

Management Responsibility

ISO 50001 puts a much greater emphasis on the term ‘top management’ than BS 16001. There are actual requirements for the top management to abide by in order to adhere to ISO 5001. The management representative for ISO 50001 has a more focussed responsibility set out, this would be to ensure a more appropriate means to recognise the energy manager role within the organisation.

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