cloudHQ - A Service provider that really helps us!

cloudHQ - A Service provider that really helps us!

cloudHQ – It says what it does in the title. This is a fabulous program that integrates all your ‘Cloud Services’ together. Please let me explain why we at Green Element fully endorse this program:

We have clients from many sectors and have to work in many environments and utilise many different cloud services. Who is to say dropbox is better than googledrive? What about skydrive, sugarsync, basecamp or box? There are others that cloudHQ don’t sync with; Amazon and some others. cloudHQ is compatible with the services we work with and we have not had any problems up to now. There are a few scenarios that cloudHQ are very useful to us.

Scenario A

I have a client that works from googledrive, we have chosen the dropbox as our Cloud Service provider. This would be fine if we had one consultant working on one client; we could install googledrive on the consultants laptop and then they could work together. In the real world we have a few consultants working behind the scenes on many clients; there lies the problem, or up until now. cloudHQ syncs, in our case, the googledrive client with our dropbox. Therefore, when consultant A and then Consultant B work on the client and write a document on their laptops, the googledrive server at ‘said’ company is changed straight away, working through dropbox.

Scenario B

As a part of our business we are audited, a lot! This is a part of the process we offer. This is a great aspect to using Green Element. You know, not only are you dealing with fantastic friendly consultants that are passionate about the environment but you are using consultants that have their work checked through by ‘UKAS’ accredited auditors. You know that their ‘quality’ work is being verified! Because of this, we need to give access to an auditor in a secure and safe way. We use SkyDrive for this as they seem to be a cut above the rest in their ‘read only’ service. They have a web only access facility that can be accessed by a registered ‘user’. An auditor is therefore able to read our documents and verify the work is top quality and certify our company to the relevant international standard.

Scenario C

Back Up…. Everyone needs to back up…..! We have a separate back up facility, utilising another Skydrive account. This backup is a oneway system and therefore negates the one flaw all of these services appear to have and that is; when one person deletes a file on their laptop, they are all deleted! cloudHQ have yet to set up the synchronisation process to particular times – ie once per day, per week etc. I am sure this is in the pipeline?

So we have mentioned one flaw! There really aren’t many more. It is a simple system that works seamlessly. One word of warning though, if you use GoogleChrome and AdBlocker the cloudHQ website only shows half the website! All the really useful parts are blocked! A slight flaw but one we are aware of! Turn off AdBlocker to set the system and then turn it back on!

We have not even mentioned the environmental implications of keeping your documents in the Cloud. Google run servers in Iceland. That is a blog article to come…..!

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