August 2016 Titbits!

August 2016 Titbits!

It appears that we in the richest countries are using 10 times more resources than the poorest countries.

According to the “United Nations Environment Programme” the amount of primary materials rose from 22 billion tonnes in 1970 to 70 billion in 2010.

Ford and José Cuervo are teaming up to make parts of a car out of ‘Tequila’ plant!

When tequila is made, there is a pulp leftover. This pulp has historically been sent to farmland for compost. It is now thought it could be made into a plastic and used in the making of a car.

A new open cast coal mine is due to open in Northumberland.

Highthorn would be operational until 2024. There is most likely to be a visual impact, groundwater contamination and an impact on the proposed marine conservation zone.

BS8555 is being revised to incorporate the knew ISO 14001 standard.

The phased approach to achieving ISO 14001 is going to change to be more inline with the new ISO 14001:2015 standard. A part of this is the 6th phase being left out and the clauses being more leadership led……

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