August 2016 Legal Updates

August 2016 Legal Updates

There were two pieces of legislation we wanted to pick up on this month. The first is The Carbon Budget Order 2016 which comes under the Climate Change Act 2008. It sets the budget for the 2028-2032 period at 1,725 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (MtCO2e). That would limit the annual emissions to an average of 57% below 1990 levels, putting us on path to meet our 2050 target of 80% reduction on 1990 levels.

The second piece of legislation is The Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (Amendment) Regulations 2016. The changes, which came into force on 1st August 2016, introduce a minimum power efficiency threshold requirement of 20% for new solid biomass combined heat and power (CHP) installations. Where the power efficiency is lower than 20%, some of the heat will receive the higher solid biomass tariff, whilst what’s left over, will receive the lower rate which is applied to a non-CHP biomass plant of the same capacity.

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