Auditing for AJA Registrars

Auditing for AJA Registrars

Certification of a variety of companies up to BS8555, ISO14001 and ISO20121 – AJA Registrars:

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Green Element on behalf of AJA Registrars undertake environmental audits on a diverse range of clients, including large listed utility companies (e.on), large engineering firms (Penspen), smaller manufacturing companies and abattoirs.

A formal environmental management system (EMS) which meets the requirements of ISO14001 will help you to establish the environmental impacts for every aspect of your business. It will ensure that you are aware of the environmental issues that are relevant to your business (including interested parties). It will provide awareness of the legislation which applies to your company enabling you to remain in compliance. It will ensure that you have set objectives & targets for improvements based upon risk.


Approach and Deliverables:

Results and Business Benefits:

One of the most commonly cited reasons for implementing an ISO 14001 environmental management system is that it helps an organisation comply with environmental laws and regulations.

Organisations that implement ISO 14001 environmental management systems commonly cite improved efficiency and cost savings as benefits. As organisations strive to reduce their environmental impacts (by reducing consumption and pollution), cost savings often follow. The continuous improvement philosophy that is central to ISO 14001, also leads organisations to better, more efficient ways of doing business.

Many organisations cite “enhanced corporate image” as one of the main benefits of ISO 14001 registration, with enhanced corporate image translating into higher sales, stronger customer satisfaction/loyalty, and greater employee pride.

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