An Environmentally Friendly, Ethically Conscious Company

An Environmentally Friendly, Ethically Conscious Company

I realise this does not fit with the usual type of blog post that we write about but we are all human and one of our vices is plugging friends companies, especially when they have the strong ethical and moral compass that Mule appear to have. This is a part of the site that also comes into the recommendations, obviously Green Elements friends and family we have done business with…..

I have got to know a chap who sells energy bars…. Mule Bar. They use organic and Fairtrade ingredients wherever possible and are committed to having all of their products totally organic and Fairtrade as soon as the ingredients are available…..

What a great ethos…

“If you can’t recognise the ingredients then don’t eat it”. They also actively aim to compensate their business and personal footprint on the planet as a 1% For the Planet member

I have been munching away on these little beauties for a few weeks now, I have to say the Apple Strudel one is my favourite.

If you fancy some free ones, then head over to their facebook page and join in on their competition…Facebook.

Whats more these are the types of people that eat this sustainable, environmentally friendly Mule Bar; Javi Gomez Noya, 2008 World ITU Triathlete Champion. The England Rugby team eat MuleBar and so do 17 of the best riders in The Tour de France.

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