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Green Element is an environmental management consultancy that advises organisations on how to develop their relationship with their environment. Green Element is passionate about developing this intricate and valuable relationship enabling the business to improve their “Green” image and reduce overheads, which is good for customer relations and great financially. We have nearly 100% retention!


We recently wrote a case study on one of the UKs largest Advertising Agencies; adam&eveDDB. This gives a true representation on costs saved.

Consistent, professional and cost-effective service delivery

Green Element advises organisations on implementing renewable energy, incorporating an environmental strategy and building on its present resources to ascertain this goal.

Green Element works closely with clients to develop sustainable solutions for their workplaces. We are committed to providing a service that is consistent, professional and of the highest quality. Green Element is a cost effective way to reduce your carbon footprint, save money, increase consumer trust and gain stakeholders’ confidence.

If you want an understanding of an ‘Environmental Management System’ please refer to this article; Implementing an EMS.

We take pride in who we are and what we offer; please refer to Who We Are and the Services pages. If you are then still interested in us why not view our case studies and maybe see how we can help you?

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